Stephen Dent Allowed me to Prevail in my Bristol Legal Battles

I used Stephen Dent last year during my legal battle against the City of Bristol. Let me first say this man is a complete gentleman and provides legal advice of the utmost caliber. I trusted this man with very personal information and I knew that as my attorney he would never reveal this secret information to anyone else. That being said our case was a hard one to prove. But thanks to Stephen’s dedication to finding the truth I was fully exonerated in the court of law. You will find this man’s website here:

Now I realize that one person saying that a man is great is sometime not enough to sway the general opinion. That is why I wanted to include some other successful cases that Stephen Dent was a part of too even more fully endorse this man. Now because of the man he is, Stephen doesn’t always say how good he is and he doesn’t like to flaunt his skills and achievements but I wanted to bring some of these cases to light so you could really see what a great lawyer Stephen really is.

The case that really stands out to people when I tell them is how the sex ring in Bristol was broken up thanks to Stephen’s efforts as well as a few others. The full case is described here: These thugs were abusing children and this is just shameful. I think everyone can agree that anyone who preys on children is the lowest of the low and I really commend Stephen here for helping these young ones get out of the hell they were exposed to. No one, especially innocent children, deserves what happened to them in this case.

Stephen Dent is part of the Serious Crime Group Panel at a level of 4, which is quite impressive. How many levels are there I always wonder? He is also part of the CPS Rape Panel at another Level 4. These are impressive qualifications and part of why I chose this man to work on my case. I don’t want to give too many details about it because it is very personal in nature and I don’t want the allegations to tarnish my good name or reputation so they shall remain nameless. I can say that I vouch for this lawyer, he is very good, very skilled and you would be happy, I’m sure, to have him on your case.