McDonald’s Facing Multiple Complaints of Sexual Harassment


McDonald’s Facing Multiple Complaints of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can occur at any place of employment – be it a small family-owned business or a big, multi-national company. It can happen at a private firm or a government agency. One thing is for certain — there are laws that protect victims of sexual harassment and it is not something that an employee has to tolerate.

Take McDonald’s for example. As recently reported, over the last month, 15 separate complaints have been filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against McDonald’s, alleging sexual harassment. The sexual harassment ranged from inappropriate physical touching (e.g. groping) to lewd comments to offers of cash in exchange for sexual favors, often by managers.  McDonald’s employees alleged that not only were they sexually harassed at work, but their complaints to management about the sexual harassment were ignored and were not properly – if at all – dealt with by McDonald’s management. In some cases, employees who complained about sexual harassment then experienced retaliation. Unfortunately, many employees don’t realize that retaliation for complaining about sexual harassment is also prohibited, in the same way as the sexual harassment itself is prohibited.

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