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If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligent actions of another, you may be entitled to compensation through the legal system. Our system of justice holds those accountable who do not follow safety rules, regulations and guidelines or act negligently. However, it is not always easy to determine if someone else is legally responsible.

The Law Office Scothouselaw personal injury solciitors in Cork is a personal injury law firm that represents injured residents and families throughout Cork and Munster, and beyond. By providing personal attention and skilled representation, our firm has built a reputation of success and has successfully recovered compensation for the working men and women we represent. If you or your loved one has suffered losses at the hands of another, you can feel confident about working with our personal injury solicitors who care about your case.

Medical negligence is a legal concept that requires health care professionals to provide certain standards of care to patients (duty of care). These professionals can include surgeons, consultants,doctors, specialists, obstetricians, nurses, therapists and other types of medical personnel. When health care providers fail to uphold reasonable standards of care for their given profession or medical area, or when they exhibit negligence while treating patients, they can be held liable for the damages patients suffer.
While medical negligence claims may seem simple on the face of it, they pose a number of legal difficulties. One of the largest barriers in proceeding with these cases is the fact that all patients accept some risk when undergoing medical procedures or treatment. Although there has been incredible progress in medical science and technology, modern innovations have yet to prevent all potential for human error or to alleviate medical professionals from all liability. The evaluation of the risk involved can sometimes be very subjective and difficult to evaluate.

This means that, while risks are unavoidable, there are still departures from established standards of care, regulatory violations, many types of preventable injuries and damages, and many instances of medical negligence for which health care providers can, and must, be held accountable. Medical Negligence claims are also complicated by the technical medical information involved, which is why Scothouselaw in Cork works with experts to build the strongest possible medical negligence cases.

When it comes to personal injury claims, Scothouselaw in Cork has shown that we fight for our clients. Additionally, our firm’s ability to secure substantial compensation from even the most powerful insurance companies proves that we have the resources and experience to handle complex personal injury claims.

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