Finding the best family lawyers in Sydney

It is often the case that people seek out a family lawyer in Sydney due to stressful and emotional circumstances. During separations, divorce, custody battles and property settlements it is important to find the best solicitor possible in order to gain the support needed during these tricky times.

Good law firms understand that a client’s wellbeing always comes first, as well as knowing how to treat situations delicately when necessary. Here are some quick and easy steps to take when finding capable legal help.

Establish a starting point: When beginning the search for the best family lawyers in Sydney it is important to establish what stage you are at.

Some clients are just thinking about separating, some have just separated and want to know what to do next, some are newly divorced, others need to know how to schedule children’s visits with their ex-partners and others need help with spousal maintenance or property settlements.

Whatever your needs are, it is imperative to establish them before contacting a law firm in order to find a company that is right for your needs, as well as obtaining accurate quotes.

Find an accredited specialist: The highest qualification recognised by the Law Society of NSW is being an accredited specialist in Family Law. When seeking the best, finding a company that has accredited specialists gives not only an edge but an extra degree of safety and comfort.

When researching companies, many will include their qualifications on their website. If this information cannot be found, a quick phone call to the firm will establish accreditation.

Obligation-free consultation: Many good companies offer an obligation free consultation which can be booked online or via the phone. A consultation is an easy way to get a feel for how the firm works as well as establishing if your needs can be met.

Prices can be discussed in the initial consult, as well as your ideal outcome and information on how to move forward. These consultations are designed to help clients understand how they can be represented and how much contact they will have with their representative during the process.

Arranging more than one obligation-free obligation with several different companies is a great way to get that one-on-one time needed to make the decision of who to hire.

Establish what documents are needed: Helpful legal professionals will tell their clients what documents they need early on. Often this information can be found on the company’s website but a quick phone call can often save a lot of time, money and hassle.

For example, when it comes to children’s matters, documents such as written agreements, court documents or family violence orders are helpful to bring to consultations or meetings.

For other scenarios, different documents are needed such as in the case of property or spousal maintenance. In these instances lists of assets, mortgage statements, tax returns, payslips and superannuation statements are great to bring to your consultations.

Good legal professionals will make the documentation process as easy to understand as possible to ensure that the least amount of stress is added to the experience.

Lawyers who are easy to understand: Law degrees take years for a reason. The law has its own special language which often leaves the uninitiated feeling lost and confused. The best solicitors will explain things in a way that is easy for the layperson to understand without talking down to their client.

A good solicitor will be happy to explain if a client doesn’t understand something right away, and many companies offer free information in the form of blogs or podcasts so the community can get a better understanding of the process.

Straightforward fees: Finding a firm with a simple fee structure can take a huge load off an already demanding situation such as separation or divorce. Many companies will advise on costs before taking on any work, and some even offer a fixed fee on certain types of services.

Reliable solicitors will be upfront with these costs and many will have easy to obtain estimates on their website. Alternatively, a great option is to speak one-one-one with a representative to discuss your needs and any relevant costs.

Chatting on the phone is also a great way to get a feel for your consultant, get insight into how they present themselves and discover how they can best help you.

To recap, in order to find the best family lawyers possible in Sydney it is important to take the following steps: establish a starting point, find an accredited specialist, book an obligation-free consultation, establish what documents are needed and speak to a person who is easy to understand, as well as making sure the firm charges straightforward fees.

The process of finding a solicitor doesn’t have to add stress to an already emotional situation. Put simply, the best people can be found by taking the time to assess the situation and doing a little research.