Do you need a police report at the time of an accident?

In most cases you do not need a police report. Usually one is taken when someone from the accident is injured or a crime or fleeing takes place. However if you do have a police report it is helpful in most instances because it gives a third party view or/and validation on what occurred at the time of the accident. Also, having a police report is helpful when making a claim to speed up the process.

One reason it may be a good idea to get a police report at the time of an accident because even though it may not seem so bad at first:  not much damage and/or someone is not injured people may eventually change their minds. There are cases where both drivers are shaken up trying to clear their minds and be polite to one another immediately after an accident. However, later when they get home and have time to rest and think things over, they may change their minds once they really notice the damage on their car and their bodies start to hurt. At that point they may consider filing a laws suit even if you are not at fault or you are. People sometimes make think differently after a day or two when their injuries starts appearing.  So it is always best to get a third party validation or view about what happen in the accident. Witness statements are also helpful. If you are able to get a witness or witnesses’ name and number that saw what happen in the accident it could also be helpful in your case, if what they say are is in your favor.

How long does it take to pick up a police report?

Police reports do take sometime filling and writing what happen on the scene. The CHP department takes anywhere for 7-10 days, however, the Los Angeles police department takes 45 days-3 months. Yes that long. I know it can be frustrating when you do not have the other parties information because they caused injury to you and you did not get a chance to get it. At that point it is best to get treatment immediately for your injuries while waiting for the information so that you may be able to fix your car. If you car was totaled and you do not have the other parties information you may pick it up from the tow yard and pay the fees of storage and leave it at your house, or you can leave it at the tow yard and let it collect storage fees where then the tow yard puts a lien on it. Hoping that the other party has insurance you will be reimburse for it but if not you would have to make a claim with your own insurance assuming you have uninsured motors so they can take care of your claim on the property damage. If it was not your fault you don’t have to worry about your fees going up or not being able to renew your insurance.

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