5 Causes of Car Accidents and How to Prevent Them

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Car accidents are unfortunately very frequent and common, especially in the US. The most reasons why these accidents happen are because of human error. There are thousands of lives that are taken away every single year after car accidents. Everyone’s life is at risk in driving especially if you drive in an unsafe manner. It is important to be careful and to follow all laws because they are here to protect you from any issue that could happen.

Just because you are a good driver and careful, that doesn’t mean that you can assure that all other drivers will do the same thing. In most cases, people end up in a car crash without their fault, and you should not be responsible for all damage caused by mistakes or ignorance of other drivers. That is the reason you should protect yourself by choosing Miami Gardens car accidental lawyer.

We decided to present you most common causes of car accidents in the US:

  1. Distracted Driving – This is the largest threat and cause of car accidents in the past few decades. You have to pay attention when you are on the road. That means that you shouldn’t call anyone, read anything, eat, groom, text or apply makeup because the main thing that you should do while driving is to get behind the wheel and DRIVE!
  2. Drunk Driving – This particular driving is one of the most dangerous causes of accidents in the world, and in most cases, it ends up with a fatality. In case that you have drunk something, don’t think that you can drive because one minor mistake can cause serious damage. On the other hand, if police caught you driving drunk, they will take your license and you don’t want that to happen. Call a taxi or a friend and enjoy in the backseat. It is not worth a risk to do it after drinking.
  3. Speeding – Even though people are always tempted on pushing the speed limit and trying the new car, the second most common cause of car accidents is speeding. You can do it if you are professional, but on the clear road without anyone around you. Other drivers are not used to seeing someone driving with too much speed. Get within the speed limits, and enjoy.
  4. Reckless Driving – It is important to keep under the radar, which means that you shouldn’t change lanes too quickly, act aggressively on the road and speeding over the limit because that could lead to serious and even fatal accidents. You have to remain calm all the time in order to avoid accidents that are caused by carelessness.
  5. Wet Roads – You cannot avoid driving in all weather conditions. However, there are some rules for slippery road conditions after heavy rain. You must have tires that will not cause a collision and what is most important, keep the speed less than maximum because that way you can control your vehicle better.


There are too many reasons why accidents could happen, however, you have to understand all of them and try to control the situation. The purpose of having a car is not only in driving from point A to point B; it is the systematic possibility to create balance on road. That way you will protect not only yourself but other drivers too.